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Food News: Rising food prices, city chickens?

Catching up on food news from the past week and other tasty happenings from around the region. Look for this  every Thursday morning. Submit events and other suggestions to

- Shop -

Milk, eggs, beef, poultry and pork prices are expected to rise next year, as severe drought grips much of the country, the USDA says. Read more here.

- Dine -

The Family Table restaurant week in Fredericksburg will return next month. Get some details here, and look for more next week.

- Cook -

The CSA Journal is back. This week’s challenge: a whole lot of corn. Read it here.

Would you like to incorporate more healthy ingredients in your everyday kitchen? Read this column from Sunday’s Healthy Living section about how to develop a taste for more wholesome foods.

- Live -

A proposal to let Fredericksburg residents keep chickens and bees in their backyards is making its way through City Hall. Read the latest here.

For children who receive free or reduced-price school lunches, hunger doesn’t stop when summer starts and classes are out. Fredericksburg-area food banks and services are struggling to keep up with the increased demand for food during the summer when donations can be down by as much as 75 percent. Read more here.

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