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Food News: Where we shop, and how much we throw out

Catching up on food news from the past week and other tasty happenings from around the region. Look for this  every Thursday morning. Submit events and other suggestions to

- Shop -

Food Lion still reigns as king of supermarket sales in the Fredericksburg region, but it is continuing to lose ground to challenger Walmart, which beat Giant Food for second place in Food World magazine’s latest annual market share survey for the Mid-Atlantic region. Read our full story on the survey here.

- Dine -

Date night? Take a look through the first batch of results from of our “Simply the Best” survey to find out where the top spots in the region for everything from sushi to vegetarian fare to, well, date night are. Find the results here.

Calorie counts on restaurant menus were one requirement of the 2010 federal healthcare act that Congress is still trying to figure out. This week, the Washington Post ran an interesting story on a new lobbying group that has formed as this issue works its way through Capitol Hill. The American Pizza Community, which comprises Dominoes, Papa John’s and other familiar names, points out that with so many possible combinations for pizza toppings, it’s nearly impossible to provide accurate calorie counts for every pie. Besides, since most delivery orders come in over the phone, who’s going to see those new calorie-count menu boards, anyway? Read the story here.

This week’s review: The Light Well in Orange

- Cook -

A few tried-and-true techniques can be key to cooking your way through a CSA box. Read this week’s installment of my CSA journal here.

Summer’s here and corn is at the farm stands. Get recipes and tell us your favorite way to cook it here.

- Live -

Vincent Carmello, a 1988 Courtland High School graduate with degrees from the University of Virginia and the Culinary Institute of America, is a food stylist for Food Network. Read more about him here.

Before you throw out those leftovers, consider that the Environmental Protection Agency says that food waste in the U.S. rose 50 percent between 1974 and 2003, and recently replaced paper as the largest single component in landfills. The Washington Post reports that America wastes enough food every day to fill the Rose Bowl stadium. Read the full story here.


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