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Food News: Sunday booze and a new recipe source

Catching up on food news from the past week and other tasty happenings from around the region. Look for this  every Thursday morning. Submit events and other suggestions to

- Shop -

The American grocery budget has changed a good bit over the past 30 years. This set of interesting graphics from NPR’s Planet Money blog shows how much more we’re spending on processed foods now versus in 1982, and how much cheaper meat has gotten. An interesting read for anyone who manages a family food budget.

Wine tastings could be part of special events at Fredericksburg’s farmers market. The wheels are turning in City Hall to make this legal and possible. Read more here.

Virginia ABC stores in the Fredericksburg area will open Sunday afternoons starting July 1. Bill Freehling has details here.

- Dine -

The former home of Anne’s Grill in Fredericksburg could be the future home of a place like Home Team Grill or Firebirds. Those are the kinds of tenants the recent buyer is seeking, according to Bill Freehling.

- Cook -

Expecting moms: Just so you know, if you wake up at 5:15 one morning close to your due date convinced you need to make lasagna, it doesn’t necessarily mean labor is coming soon. This and more valuable wisdom in this week’s installment of my CSA cooking journal. Find it here.

Daily recipes are part of a new health-focused e-mail newsletter put together by my colleague Janet Marshall. Check out the Healthy Life Virginia newsletter, and learn how to sign up, here.

- Live -

Capital Ale House’s popular—and controversial—Oktoberfest should stay right where it is, say half of the downtown Fredericksburg business owners who responded to a recent city survey. Read the latest on this annual debate over whether fun in the streets is good for downtown here.

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