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Retro-style carhop service coming to Fredericksburg?

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Family Diner, which opened in November in the building that used to house Captain Sid’s and then Bryan’s Place, is planning to start offering 1950s-style carhop service this spring.

Owner Debra Adcock said details are still being worked out, but the restaurant at 2100 Princess Anne St. hopes to start the service April 1.

Ideas are still being bounced around, but she said plans call for the parking lot to be re-striped so all spaces face in to the building, blue retro-style neon will be added to the façade and servers might even have to brush up on their roller-skating skills.

“We’ll put the trays on the side [of the car] just like they used to do it,” Adcock said. “We’re just going to try to make it look like the 50s.”

The service would add to the corridor’s retro vibe, with the giant neon ice cream cone at Carl’s right next door, and signs advertising “Good Food” and air-conditioning at the landmark 2400 Diner down the street. These features have even been cited in city planning documents as possible keys to reviving the Princess Anne corridor.