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Food News: Good Southern food in Fred? And should you eat in your car?

Catching up on food news from the past week and food happenings around the region, with a sprinkling of other interesting tidbits from around the Web. Look for this every Thursday. Submit events to

- Shop -

If you’re into buying local food for your family table, you’ll want to check out the series of events the Central Rappahannock Regional Library has planned. Read about the “Cultivating Community” series here.

- Dine -

The folks who own F.W. Sullivan’s will open a new Southern style restaurant called The Chimneys in the Caroline Street building where Buttermilk & Old Lace recently closed. Bill Freehling has more here.

Downtown Fredericksburg’s January restaurant week promotion served more meals than ever. More details here.

This week’s review: F.W. Sullivan’s in downtown Fredericksburg

- Cook -

Looking to up your cake-decorating know-how? Check out Beverly Meyer’s review of “Sugarlicious,” a new book that serves as a textbook on crafting decorative sweets.

- Live -

Downtown Greens, a nonprofit that runs public gardens at the intersection of Charles and Dixon streets in Fredericksburg, will host its annual Down Home Ball fundraiser Saturday at 7 p.m. at Read All Over Books on William Street. Click here for more information.

Gourmet food has made its way into a lot of new places lately, and this week The Wall Street Journal looked at one of those: hospitals. This story is an interesting look at the challenges of feeding patients with varying diet restrictions while keeping the food tasty enough that they’ll eat it and get the nutrition they need to get out of the hospital.

Who hasn’t had to scrape an unidentified food substance off some part of their car? Why do we eat in the car so much, anyway? The New York Times’ Motherlode blog had an interesting post this week about one mom’s quest to end car snacking and dining. Read it here.


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