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Food News: USDA hopes to revamp school lunches

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Fredericksburg is looking for a new manager for its farmers market. Find details here.

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For the first time in several years, the tenant restaurant at 409 William St. is drawing a healthy amount of business. With that success have come some security incidents, like broken windows and destroyed bathrooms. City police are going to meet with the owners of the restaurant, F.W. Sullivan’s, soon. The owners also plan to hire an off-duty police officer to aid with security. Details here. Find a response from the owner here.

Buttermilk & Olde Lace in downtown Fredericksburg’s Chimneys building has closed for the moment, over a contract dispute with landlord Tommy Mitchell. More from Bill Freehling here.

This week’s review: Chef Lee Chinese restaurant in Lake Anna

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The USDA announced new standards for school lunches yesterday, setting limits on calories, sodium, fat and other things. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains get a boost. Implementing the standards will cost the federal government $3.2 billion over the next five years. Read more here.

Eating could be added to the list of things you can’t do while driving under a bill proposed by Del. Bobby Orrock. Read about his distracted driving bill and participate in our poll on the issue here.

Is Food Network going downhill? Weigh in on this post.

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