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What’s coming up: Clementines

The Free Lance-Star food section and the Front Burner blog are reviving a popular feature from years past. Each week we will feature a vegetable or fruit that is in season in our area and offer tips on selection and cooking. Here on the blog, please feel free to offer your own serving suggestions for these seasonal delights!

This week’s feature: Clementines

When it’s fresh here: Clementines are not grown in this area, but they’re in season from warmer climates during the winter months.

Fun fact: The clementine is named for Father Clément Rodier, who is said to have discovered the fruit in the garden of his Algeria orphanage.

Pick and choose: Look for fruits that are neither too hard nor too squishy.

Quick serving ideas:

  • The beauty of the clementine is that it needs no preparation. It’s a portable snack, easily popped into a lunchbox or briefcase. Clementines should be mostly seedless, making them a good snack for toddlers, too.
  • If you really want to mess with them, look up Nigella Lawson’s clementine cake recipe. It starts with a base of whole clementines that have been boiled, then ground up in a food processor, and builds a cake batter on top of that.

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