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Food News: If you’re not cooking Thanksgiving dinner…

Catching up on food news from the past week and food happenings around the region, with a sprinkling of other interesting tidbits from around the Web. Look for this every Thursday. Submit events to

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Johnny Oliver, who has made meaty, mouth-watering sandwiches at Johnny’s Grocery in Hartwood since 1973, has closed up shop. Read about this family business here.

More consumers are choosing to buy local food a USDA report said this week. This year, the department estimates the local food market nationwide will be worth about $7 billion. Read about the report here.

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Not cooking for Thanksgiving this year? Today’s Weekender has a list of area restaurants open on Thanksgiving day, and notes about their menus. Read it here.

Ed Burrow, who owns the island-themed Steamers Seafood Grill & Bar in south Stafford, will open a second location on Nov. 18 in the Dahlgren Business Center on U.S. 301 near the Dahlgren Navy base. Read about the rocky road to a second location here.

This week’s review: Thai Town 56 in Spotsylvania County

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Congress nixed proposed new school lunch standards this week, making changes that will effectively classify pizza as a vegetable and nixing limits on french fries and sodium. Read more here.

Castiglia’s restaurant in Fredericksburg is now offering gluten-free options, including pasta and pizza dishes. Read Donya Currie’s report here.

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