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Time to tidy up the fridge

Today is National Clean out Your Fridge Day. Yep, that exists.

The fridge can become a real graveyard of half-used cartons of stuff if we’re not careful. Obviously, when food has gone moldy or spoiled, there’s not much choice but to dump it. But there’s a special kind of satisfaction to be had from turning those abandoned tubs of ingredients into something that can play a starring role on your table.

Some resources to get you going:

- From this blog, the “Doing More With” series from earlier this year. From leftover rice to cast-aside yogurt, there’s bound to be something on this list of blog posts that’s in your fridge.

- Nothing forces a serious fridge-clean like a move. Here’s a column I wrote before my last move about using up the odd bits.

- For the actual cleaning of the fridge, here‘s a post from the Unclutterer blog that will help you get organized and get it done.

So…we must ask…

What’s the oddest or most unappetizing item you’ve ever had to throw out of your own fridge?


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