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Hank Shaw’s “Hunt, Gather, Cook”

I spoke this week with former FLS political reporter Hank Shaw for a story about his book, “Hunt, Gather Cook.”

Shaw is hosting a book dinner tonight at Richmond’s Blue Goat restaurant, and another Monday night at Arlington’s Lyon Hall.

If you want a taste of what Shaw has been doing since he left the world of politics, I recommend visiting his web site, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. The site has twice been nominated for awards from the James Beard Foundation, and was the genesis of Shaw’s book.

You can read more about the book here.

It’s about “finding the forgotten feast” around us through foraging for wild greens, fruits and nuts, fishing and hunting. Picking up hunting late in life may sound daunting to some, but Shaw did it, and his book describes that process.

Reading the foraging section of Shaw’s book reminded me of a column I wrote a few years ago with the help of local gardening expert Laura Shepherd about the abundance of edible plants in most of our yards and neighborhoods. Check out that column and a related video here.

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