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Fredericksburg food: What’s on your bucket list?

Food writer Kurt Rabin last week published his “bucket list” of 20 Fredericksburg-area food experiences that shouldn’t be missed. You can find that list here.

Today, Spotsylvania County resident Chris Stoddard weighed in with a letter to the editor listing five more must-eats:

- Scafa’s chicken and shrimp in Spotsylvania

- Grilled Heart of Romaine at Bistro Bethem in Fredericksburg

- Pho soup at Pho Huy in Spotsylvania

- Conveyor-belt sushi at Kappa Garden in Spotsylvania

- Banana Split Blizzard at Dairy Queen

So now it’s to you: What Fredericksburg-area restaurant creations would be on your “bucket list?”

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