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More ideas for putting zucchini to use

Since we ran a story about a Stafford resident’s large zucchini, several readers have written in with their own strategies for using up this prolific garden vegetable. Now is the time when these summer squash will be appearing in force, so I’m going to try to share a few of these in the coming days. If you have your own recipes and want to share, e-mail me here.

Today’s recipes come from King George resident Marcia Reed, who says she grows zucchini in her home garden each year.

“I look forward to its bounty with delight and dismay,” she writes. “It all seems to ripen at once, leaving me with lots of adventurous cooking. … I have made bread and muffins, but discovered they used too few of the dozens we pick every week. Since it does not freeze well fresh, I cook and then freeze.”

Below are two of her favorite recipes for this purpose: zucchini rosemary garlic soup, and a loose recipe passed down to her mom called zucchini chicken. As Reed notes, there are no exact quantities with the chicken recipe, but if you read the recipe you’ll see it’s not hard to figure out how much you need (or how much of your zucchini overload you can cram into the dish). She calls it “almost foolproof.”

“The zucchini pretty much disintegrates into the BBQ sauce with a bit of texture. It is wonderful served with mashed potatoes, and kids love it,” she wrote. “Best of all, your zucchini bounty is gone in no time.”

You can download both of these recipes on the Front Burner’s new printable recipe cards, here.