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Food news: Farmers market news and a traveling meat truck

Catching up on food news from the past week and food happenings around the region, with a sprinkling of other interesting tidbits from around the Web. Look for this every Thursday. Submit events to

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The coalition that brought credit card and SNAP availability to three area farmers markets is seeking federal funds to sustain its programs for the long term. Read more about the Fredericksburg Regional Farmers Market Association’s efforts here.

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As of tomorrow, the Fredericksburg Pub will change its name to the Park Lane Tavern. Cathy Jett has the full story here. The Union Jack painted on the ceiling will be replaced with the flag of the European Union, and the menu will change to reflect the new theme:

The restaurant’s British-pub-fare menu also is being expanded to includes dishes and beers from across Europe and the United States. New offerings will include such things as the Alpine chicken sandwich, Makers Mark bourbon chicken and Mediterranean pan-seared white fish.

This week’s review: Jake & Mike’s in Fredericksburg

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Cutting down on sweets was the key to Mary Washington Healthcare exec Xavier Richardson’s 60-pound weight loss. Read more on health reporter Jim Hall’s blog here.

What happens when the food-truck fad meets up with the increasing demand for local butchers? Meat on the Street, a former Richmond wine shop owner’s new business, serves up grass-fed burgers and other quality meats from a mobile kitchen. If you’re up for a road trip, they’re a popular stop at the South of the James farmers market in Richmond. Read more here.

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