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What’s coming up: Raspberries

The Free Lance-Star food section and the Front Burner blog are reviving a popular feature from years past. Each week we will feature a vegetable or fruit that is in season in our area and offer tips on selection and cooking. Here on the blog, please feel free to offer your own serving suggestions for these seasonal delights!

This week’s feature: Raspberries

When it’s fresh here: Now through mid-July, and then again from late August through September.

Fun fact: Raspberries are a member of the rose family.

Pick and choose: Raspberries spoil very quickly, so find berries that are freshly picked, or pick your own at an area farm. Look for plump berries free of any mold or spoilage. Use soon after buying.

Quick serving ideas:

  • Puree fresh raspberries, add sugar to taste, and cream together with room-temperature butter and a dash of lemon juice. Spread on waffles, toast, scones and other treats.
  • Raspberries and good dark chocolate are a pair that is tough to beat. Consider serving fresh raspberries with a dark chocolate sorbet for an elegant hot-weather dessert.
  • Similarly, raspberries can make a surprising addition to otherwise non-fruity desserts. Layer them into tiramisu, chocolate layer cake or bake into bread pudding.

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