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Food Bank run nets $12,000

Local runner Bert Jacoby’s fundraising run in last month’s Marine Corps Historic Half marathon brought in a total of $12,038.28 for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.

Jacoby started last among the nearly 5,700 runners who competed the 13.1-mile race, and he was the 28th person to cross the finish line. For the thousands of people he passed, Jacoby had lined up donor pledges to the Food Bank.

“When you consider that each $1 donated to the [Fredericksburg Area Food Bank] equates to 4 meals provided back to those in need, Bert deciding to help equates to over 48,000 meals that will be provided to hungry families this year,” said a statement put out yesterday by Food Bank officials with the fundraising results.

Jacoby, a third-grade teacher at Lafayette Upper Elementary School, chose the Food Bank for his charity run because he saw the need in our area through his work in the schools. More than half of city schools students are on free or reduced lunch, and Food Bank officials are seeing more need at a time when many of their funding sources are shrinking.

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