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Doing more with: hard-boiled eggs

They provided endless entertainment when you and your kids were dunking them into dark cups of food coloring, but now you’ve got a refrigerator full of multi-colored hard-boiled eggs. Can’t stomach a week’s worth of plain old egg salad sandwiches? Here is some help from around the Web:

  • offers a Japanese-themed take on the classic egg salad. It’s really just normal egg salad with some quick-pickled vegetables arranged on top, but we give them points for trying, and for a pretty plate.
  • Skip the pickled vegetables and just pickle the eggs. offers a few ideas to get you going.
  • It’s asparagus season, and my favorite food blog of late has managed to pair leftover Easter eggs with this green treat. Check out this recipe for asparagus with chopped Easter eggs on Dinner: A Love Story.

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