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Food news: Focus on kids’ nutrition

Catching up on food news from the past week and food happenings around the region, with a sprinkling of other interesting tidbits from around the Web. Look for this every Thursday. Submit events to

- Dining out -

The Inn at Montross is expected to re-open in the next few weeks, and chef Cindy Brigman Syndergaard has returned from Atlanta to help manage the property and its restaurant. Read more here.

This week’s review: Home Team Grill in Fredericksburg.

- Dining in -

Sugary cereals can be a hard thing for families with children to avoid in the supermarket, but it’s worth making the effort. Nutrition columnist Jennifer Motl offered some tips on how to spot good cereals and strategies for how to get kids to accept them in this week’s Healthy Living section.

Speaking of kids’ diets, a local pediatrician has started a website to help parents get wholesome foods on their children’s plates. Read about “Doctor Yum” in this story by Jim Hall. The roasted sweet potato and banana baby food on the site may be hard for mom and dad to resist.

Does milk really do a body good? Columnist and physician Patrick Neustatter examines some of the research and raises questions about whether kids really need to drink so much milk. Read his column here.

Be wary of food packages sporting a “new look” these days. As The New York Times reported this week, many food manufacturers are giving you less food in shiny new packages touted as “green” or “more portable” as food prices rise.

- World of food -

We all like to think that the folks who run food-focused restaurants eat really well themselves on an everyday basis. Foode co-owner Beth Black offers a reality check in this post from The First 365, her blog about Foode’s first year in business in downtown Fredericksburg. This blog will give you new appreciation for what it takes to keep the locally owned, independent restaurants that make dining out interesting open for business.

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