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Fredericksburg a “locavore destination?”

Regional food publication Flavor noted the opening of Caroline Street’s Foode and The Frenchman’s Corner in its December issue, commenting that downtown Fredericksburg “is fast becoming a locavore destination.”

The city got more press in the current issue, which includes a feature on Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen, which it calls “the star of Fredericksburg’s farm-to-table revival.” The story notes Poppy Hill’s partnerships with local farms, including Snead’s Farm, Croftburn Farm and Mount Vernon Farm.

Poppy Hill fans should stay tuned. Front Burner’s “Home Cooking” feature will give us a look into co-owner Ingrid Mahar’s home kitchen habits early next week.

And to the home cooks (of all levels) reading this: Don’t be shy about filling out our questionnaire and participating in this feature.