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The benefits of learning to cook

An Associated Press story today talks about how the recession has made Americans more likely to eat at home than out at a restaurant. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you turning on the stove instead of picking up the take-out menu as you head home from work this evening, the story illustrates two big benefits of cooking for yourself: it’s cheaper and it’s often healthier.

From the story:

President of her own marketing agency in Raleigh, N.C., Beverly Murray, 46, never thought she’d have time to cook. But in 2008, her business tanked. Suddenly dropping $10 or $20 on every meal was not an option. So she got to know her stove. Now she subscribes to Cooking Light magazine and even has a signature dish, chipotle seared chicken.

When she does go out, she says, it’s a special occasion with friends. Having lost 30 pounds as a pleasant consequence of cooking at home, she is sticking to the new routine, even as business picks up.

I first started cooking right after college, when I was living on my own for the first time. It was amazing how quickly the college weight came off when I replaced heavy cafeteria meals with quality food made at home. If anyone else has a similar epiphany about the value of home cooking skills, please feel free to share it below.

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