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Winter doldrums got you down? Start planning for spring eating.

When you’re stuck inside trying to figure out how to plan another weeknight dinner that celebrates beige and yellow winter veggies, it’s easy to start longing for spring asparagus, summer tomatoes and all the fresh flavors and simple preparation requirements they bring with them.

But these frozen months are the best time to put yourself in position to enjoy a summer of the region’s best produce. Farms that offer community-supported agriculture, or CSA, shares, are signing up members now. In a CSA, you basically pay up-front for a “share” of the farm’s harvest for that year.

Below are a few local farms that offer these. Space is usually pretty limited, so you should act early if you’re interested. Please feel free to leave information on any others you know about in the comments section.

  • Blenheim Organic Gardens – a certified organic Westmoreland County farm; 18-week CSA; $595 for farm pickup, $650 for Fredericksburg pickup; more information here.
  • C&T Produce – $600 for 24 weeks; members get 10 percent discount off market purchases; more information here.
  • Fredericksburg Area CSA Project - this group is still crafting its prospectus for the 2011 season, but is taking new members on a pre-season commitment basis as space allows; last year’s price was $620 for a 20-week season; more information to come, but contact if interested.
  • Walnut Hill Farm – This Stafford County farm is offering something a little different–a chicken CSA. Details here.

If growing your own produce is more your thing, there’s a local source for seeds, also. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, in Mineral, has a beautifully illustrated seed catalog that will help you while away many a snowy afternoon. Sign up for their mailing list here.

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  • Pammy

    looking forward to this blog and future topics and reader comments

  • Pammy

    I am looking forward to this blog and future topics as well as reader comments

  • Becky

    Thanks Emily for putting Blenheim Organic Gardens CSA information in your blog! We’ve decided to deliver the CSA to the new eatery and market, FOODE, on Caroline Street; they just opened today.
    Thanks also for making the Fredericksburg area aware of the local food movement!