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Most parents think they’re doing a pretty good job

If you had to grade your parenting, what would you give yourself? Many parents think they’re doing a pretty good job raising kids, according to a Pew Research Center study released today.

A survey found that 73 percent of mothers and 64 percent of fathers said they are doing “excellent” or “very good” in the child-rearing department.

The study found that married parents, parents who attended college and working mothers were more likely to give themselves high marks.

The study also found that non-parents are more likely to be “very happy and pretty happy” than parents, but parents are more likely to be “very happy.”

The report showed that parents who have trouble balancing work and parenting are less likely to be happy:

“While parenthood can be a source of great happiness, the stresses and strains of balancing work and family life may have an impact on overall well-being. Working parents who say they find it difficult to manage the responsibilities of their job and their family are somewhat less happy overall than those who don’t have difficulty balancing these things. Only 26% of those who say it’s difficult for them to balance work and family say they are very happy, compared with 36% of those who don’t have difficulty balancing.”

Some other highlights from the study:

  • Dads are doing more housework and child care; moms more paid work outside the home. 
  • Working fathers place more importance on having a high-paying job, while working mothers are more concerned with having a

flexible schedule.

  • Feeling rushed is also a part of everyday life for today’s mothers and fathers. Among those with children under age 18, 40% of working mothers and 34% of working fathers say they always feel rushed. 
  • Fathers’ time spent doing household chores has more than doubled since 1965 (from an average of about four hours per week to about 10 hours). Mothers’ time doing housework has gone down significantly over the same period (from 32 hours per week to 18).



  • USMC Archives

    glad parenting is about chores and feeling rushed. heaven forbid if they ask me to interact with the child 

  • Gary Howe

    I would disagree based on juvenile respect and behavior. If I had ever talked or talked to an adult like they do today, I would only have done it one time! Little respect for any authority.  Realize this applies not to all, as some are well behaved, but quite a few are not. Perhaps my standards of respect are higher than those of today.

  • jzap123

    Of course, because what is paramount in child rearing- is how the parents “feel” about their abilities.  I wonder how the Free Lance Star feels about their ability to educate and inform the public???

  • mm140

    Parents great……teachers bad. Right? (sarcasm)