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More kids reading e-books these days

Wish your teen would log off Facebook and pick up a real book? You’re not alone. In a new national study conducted by Scholastic, nearly half of parents surveyed said they thought their child spent too much time playing video games and using social media–and not nearly enough time reading.

The Kids and Family Reading Report also found that parents held the most sway over a child’s reading habits. Parents who read frequently and who have a large book collection lead to children who read for fun, the study found.

The annual study also found that the number of children reading e-books has doubled since 2010–about 46 percent of children now use an e-reader.

And those e-book readers still read regular print books, too. They especially like them at bedtime.

Other findings include:

  • About 20 percent of e-book readers says he is reading more books for fun.
  • Among girls since 2010, there has been a decline in the number who say they love reading.
  • Girls ages 12-17 are spending more time visiting social networking sites and using their smartphones to surf the web.
  • Among boys since 2010, there has been an increase in the number who say they love reading and that reading for fun is important.
  • Kids ages 6-11 are much more likely to read for fun–and in school–than kids ages 12-17.