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What do you do when your child is under the weather?

 It never fails: You’ve made it halfway through flu season and are finally taking a deep breath. And then, the day of that all-important business meeting, your child spikes a fever. He has to stay home from school.

What do you do?

Working parents: Do you have a plan in place for when your kid gets sick? Is there any way to still get to work? Or do you have to call in sick that day? And how often are you missing work to take care of your kids?

I’m working on a story about how to handle the winter cold and flu season with kids and a job, and I’m interested in talking with parents who have the situation figured out–and parents who are spiking their kids’ orange juice with extra vitamin C, hoping to make it through the entire winter without having to deal with this.

Please get in touch: or 540/735-1973.



  • Mayme Parks Hunter

    As a School worker. PLEASE KEEP UM HOME. I have been sick 3 times this year so far and had to take days off from my job. I drive a school bus and they deposit there germs with me first,  then onto thier class mates and teachers. so again please keep um home till they are well and teach them to cover their cough!!!!!!!