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Mom, TV star, runner: Alison Sweeney talks to the FLS

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I had requested an interview with Alison Sweeney to run with today’s Weekender stories (here and here) about the Historic Half marathon, but it didn’t happen in time for the Weekender deadline, so I’m sharing it here.  Sweeney lets us in on how she fits running into her busy schedule and why she likes it. Sweeney, the host of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and a longtime star of “Days of Our Lives,” published “The Mommy Diet” in 2011, full of tips on how to be healthy during pregnancy and lose weight after baby arrives. I know a lot of fellow moms running the Historic Half on Sunday. Good luck to everyone and have fun!

How did you decide to add the Historic Half marathon to your race schedule?

Biggest Loser has done a couple spectacular episodes visiting the Marines at Camp Pendleton.  My father was a Marine, and it makes me so proud to support the USMC. I was incredibly honored to be asked to start the race.

All moms face a challenge of fitting running training into their schedules, but with your workload, it has to be nearly impossible. How do you manage to train for the races you’ve run?

I consider working out part of my job – in that, it’s mandatory for me to take care of myself, so I can be a better/stronger/healthier wife, mother and actor.  Training for the half is more about which workouts I do, it also gives me a little extra motivation to commit to the physical time, I’m not just phoning it in!

You’ve completed a marathon, and this will be your second half marathon. Which distance do you like better?

I like the half the best.  It’s hard enough to make you nervous to start, but not so grueling as the full.

What is your favorite race-day breakfast, and post-race meal?

I eat oatmeal for breakfast, and a coffee.  Afterwards I crave watery fruits like melon.

Of all the workouts you could choose–why do you run?

It’s such a pure, simple exercise.  I like the music I choose, and it’s me, my sneakers and the pavement.  No fancy stuff. and I can do it anywhere!