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How to grow a family…what’s your advice?

Hey, wait, that used to be MY Exersaucer!

We’re working on our Parenting special section here at the FLS, and one topic we want to focus on this year is tips for parents who are planning to add another child to the family. I can’t say I am totally disinterested here, because my own family is expecting a new addition–baby No. 2–this summer.

As I go through this second pregnancy, I find that I have been quizzing parents I meet everywhere–the park, the Y, the grocery store–who have two or more kids with them. How far apart are they? How much harder is it with two? How do they get along?

While some parents have told me having two kids is three times harder than having one, others have said the second baby seemed like a breeze after the stress of new parenthood. Everyone seems to agree that the first year is hard, and that getting out of the house with two really little ones requires Herculean effort.

I’d like to hear from parents in our area who have two, three, four or more kids: What tips do you have for new parents about bringing home a new sibling? Do subsequent children change your life more or less than the first new baby? Any special advice for parents who are growing their family through adoption?

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