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Dogs vs. kids


When I was pregnant with my daughter, everyone we knew who had dogs told us that our beloved Eddie, a mutt we brought into our home right after we got married in 2006, would see his status fall after baby came.

“No way,” we said. “That won’t be us.”

Seventeen months later, I can say that we still love Eddie every bit as much as we did before we had a baby, and he still gets the two walks a day he demands (Eddie runs a tight ship), but he’s definitely slipped a notch in terms of how much attention he gets from us.

How do I know? Well, one good indicator is the percentage of pictures stored on my phone that are of my dog. Before baby: nearly 100 percent. After baby: 0 percent.

A friend of mine from journalism school who writes about pets for the News & Record in Greensboro, N.C., addressed this topic today on her blog, “The Pet Shop.” Read her post, “Feeling ‘mom guilt’ for the dogs,” here.

How about you? Has having kids changed your pets’ lives?

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  • Edie Gross

    Awwwww. He’s such a handsome boy! He might not be as photographed as he once was, Em, but he’s scoring lots of tasty vittles standing under the baby’s high chair! It’s a trade-off. :)