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Parents, what are your resolutions?

This day is coming faster than you think. Resolve to enjoy the time you have your kids at home.

Some might say that New Years for parents comes every fall with the first day of school. But with the kids once again getting out of the house after a holiday at home, traditional New Years is just as good a time as any to stop and think about how we’re doing things, how we’re treating everyone in our household, and what our actions say about our priorities.

Are you making any resolutions as a parent this year? If so, I’d love to talk to you for an upcoming story for our Healthy Living section. Below is a list of areas that I’ve been thinking about as I approach this story. If you’ve had success in any of these areas, and would be willing to talk about it, shoot me an e-mail at

- Setting a better example with what we eat.

- Finding and hiring a good babysitter and reconnecting with your spouse.

- Getting the technology under control–putting the Blackberry down at the dinner table, giving the Nintendo DS a break, or simply turning off the TV.

- Examining our language–I’m sure most of us don’t walk around cursing like sailors, but can we be more mindful about how we talk about and to others around our kids?

- Enjoying the ride more – Stop complaining about pregnancy symptoms/diaper changes/parent-teacher conferences and just appreciate how fleeting this time is and how lucky we are to be in the middle of it.

What resolutions are you making this year as a parent?


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