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Dear Santa…A toddler parent’s wish list.

Sure, iPads and e-readers are hot gifts, but if you asked parents of toddlers what would really make their lives easier, you might get a very different wish list. (Note: This is a joke, intended for fun. All most parents really want for Christmas is the continued health and happiness of their children and loved ones…and maybe a nice bottle of wine.)

1. GPS tracking system for sippy cups.

2. Second set of arms–you know, for the grocery store.

3. Yearly calendar listing which formerly favorite foods will be tossed from the high chair on which days. I could have used a warning about the scrambled egg incident on Sept. 23.

4. Workout DVD for the dog. See above note on food flying from high chair.

5. Books that re-write their own endings after every 10 readings. If you can only do one book, make it, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

Thanks a bunch!

What would you ask Santa for this Christmas?

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