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How do you teach kids about food allergies?

What do you say when they can't take along the PB&J?

If you or someone in your household adheres to a gluten-free diet, then one local resource you don’t want to miss out on is King George resident Shirley Braden’s website, Gluten Free Easily.

Last week, Braden published a guest post from a preschool owner and teacher that is of particular interest to families with children.

So many households today have a child or other relative with a food allergy, and recent research has shown that allergies may affect as many as 6 million kids in the United States, more than previously thought. Even if no one in your home is affected by allergies, bans on peanut products in daycares, gym nurseries and school lunchrooms are going to acquaint your kids with the needs of others at an early age. So why not use this opportunity to teach kids about compassion?

In her guest post on Braden’s blog, preschool teacher Cindy Winther offers her own story about starting to actively teach her kids about food sensitivities after a major dust-up in her hometown over an elementary school going peanut-free after one child was diagnosed with a serious allergy.

You can read here about the ways she uses baking to teach her kids about the needs of others, and you might even get a few ideas about how to teach your own kids to be sensitive to special diets.

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