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What are you going to do with that crib?

As of last week, drop-side cribs–those with side rails that move up and down to make it easier to reach in and grab the baby–can no longer be sold in the United States. That includes both new sales by retailers and re-sales by crib owners.

The rule on drop-side cribs is part of a new regime of crib safety standards approved late last year by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (Here is the CPSC’s website on crib safety.)

The CPSC made these new rules in part because, since 2000, 32 infant strangulation and suffocation deaths have been linked to the movable rails.

But at the same time, most people old enough to be reading this blog were probably put to bed in drop-side cribs when they were little, and many families have the old cribs stowed away in closets and attics.

So what happens to the banned old cribs? As you can read here, the issue is causing some debate among parents.

If you have a drop-side crib you used for your first child, would you use it with a future child? If you have one in your closet and you don’t plan to use it, what will you do with it?

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