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Region fair game for Canadian TV hosts

Charlie Teljeur and Wayde Greer share a passion for golf and a wicked sense of humor.

For about two months last fall, the Canadians also shared the inside of a rickety RV, crisscrossing North America in search of the continent’s most unique golf courses.

The end result is “Highways To Fairways,” a hilarious television show that features a stop in Fredericksburg, where the pair plays a round at Meadows Farms Golf Course, home of the country’s longest hole.

The course in Locust Grove also features a baseball-themed hole, where the golfers had some fun filming a “Field of Dreams” sequence.

“We’re not uppity, elite-type people,” explained Greer during a stop at Fredericksburg’s Capital Ale House last October.

“We’re trying to take the starch out of golf,” added Teljeur.

An American distributor hasn’t picked up the show yet, but it’s featured on four Canadian networks, including Fox SportsWorld Canada. In the meantime, American fans can catch the most recent episodes on the “Highways To Fairways” TV Show Facebook page.

And, because the guys enjoyed their time in Fredericksburg so much, they’ve agreed to share a private link with us that, for now, stockpiles the whole season: season-one.

Fredericksburg is featured in episode 7, which will be available online on Sunday, and episode 8, which goes up the following week.

Greer’s background is in marketing and media sales while Teljeur is a writer and cartoonist whose work has appeared in publications such as The Hockey News and the

The two self-financed most of the project early on and have since garnered sponsorships–as well as plenty of interest in a second season.

Self-described “goofball duffers,” they don’t take the sport too seriously, so they’re a blast to watch even if you don’t know much about the game.

During season one, they tee off inside a race course, on the grounds of a maximum security prison and at a facility where llamas serve as caddies.

They also spend a lot of time touring their surroundings. In Fredericksburg, that meant trying their hands at indoor go-carting, visiting Civil War sites and attempting to lob golf balls across the Rappahannock River much like George Washington is purported to have done with a silver dollar.

And that nice long break at Cap Ale, where the beer menu was most appreciated.

“We don’t want to leave,” said Teljeur.

“I have 580 beers to try,” added Greer.

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“Highways to Fairways,” a Canadian TV show about great friends and not-so-great golf, features Fredericksburg in episodes 7 and 8, when stars Charlie Teljeur and Wayde Greer test their mettle at the Meadows Farms Golf Course in Locust Grove.

The show isn’t available on an American network yet, but viewers can watch the most recent episode on the Highways to Fairways TV Show Facebook page or all of season one at the following link: h2f-season-one.

Episode 7 should show up online this Sunday and episode 8 a week later.