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Restaurant review: Kumo Sushi & Hibachi in Fredericksburg

Big on flavor: Make a run for Kumo Sushi’s Godzilla roll. / Photo by Dave Ellis

Big on flavor: Make a run for Kumo Sushi’s Godzilla roll. / Photo by Dave Ellis

A new Japanese restaurant in Eagle Village is aptly named Kumo meaning “cloud,” because a number of its dishes reach a cloud nine level of excellence. Kumo Sushi & Hibachi has an eight-seat sushi bar, a large window, through which the hibachi dishes can be viewed as they are prepared, friendly, attentive service and, above all, dishes that wow.

We were encouraged to visit the place at the recommendation of readers who had lived for many years in the Far East. “It was outstanding,” one reader said of her lunch.

Tempted by the eatery’s many offerings, My Dining Partner and I decided to be adventurous. We began with Red Clam Su ($6), so elegant in its presentation that it was a work of art. The large, thin slices of Canadian red clams were draped like petals over a bed of slivers of daikon radish and accentuated with a slightly pungent ponzu citrus-and-soy sauce. The clams were firm to the bite, and the combination of taste and texture was an auspicious beginning.

We also decided to try the Spicy Scallop and Scallion Roll ($5.50) and were intrigued by the paste (rather than whole scallop) interior, which was rolled in a crunchy coating of rice and seeds. Again, it was a delightful balance of flavor and the tactile experience.

For our entrées, we both chose from the chef’s signature dishes, another happy choice.

MDP ordered the grilled filet mignon ($21), an 8-ounce cut served with the chef’s special yakiniku sauce. The steak was buttery tender and cooked rare, as requested. We enjoyed the slightly spicy sauce that enhanced rather than smothered the beef’s flavor. The plating was elegant, with perfectly cooked broccoli framing the pieces of meat, which sheltered delicious snow peas hiding beneath.

Soup came with each entrée, and the two that we tried were winners. MDP ordered miso soup, which was served piping-hot with hearty flavor and delicate bits of seaweed and tofu. My clear soup was also the right temperature. Several pieces of fresh mushroom floated in the dark broth, rich with onion flavoring.

I ordered the grilled salmon ($17), which had a delicate fresh flavor. The two pieces were covered with a miso sauce, which added a layer of seasoning without overwhelming the fish, and served over a bed of sautéed onions. A fresh orchid added color and an artistic touch to the plate.

A fried banana ($3.50) topped off our meal. Covered with whipped cream and a dash of colorful sprinkles, it looked almost too festive to eat. Our server also brought us a “gift” from the chef: two scoops of ice cream, green tea and vanilla.

When word gets out, this small restaurant near Giant is likely to be packed. It has both traditional menu items (teriyaki, tempura, fried rice) but also fun, more unusual fare to try. We’ll find more to savor on our next visit.

What: Kumo Sushi & Hibachi

Address: 1251 Jefferson Davis Hwy., in the Eagle Village Shopping Center to the south of Giant.

Info: 540/899-2888;

Hours: Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Prices: Appetizers: $3–$10

Soups and salads: $2–$6

Dinners: $7–$25

Children’s menu: $5.95–$6.95

Desserts: $3–$6.50

Beer and wine available.

The Scoop: Although near UMW, Kumo should have appeal well beyond the campus. Its location is in the shopping center adjacent to the fast food eateries that have great student appeal. Family-friendly, excellent food and service.

Payment: Major credit cards accepted.



Linda Salisbury is the author of the Bailey Fish books, an award-winning adventure series for kids.

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  • Joseph_Riviera

    Hope it’s good. Being so close to Umi and Miso, it had better.

  • Katie

    I visited this restaurant today and I had a less than savory experience. Our waitress was not very friendly and she was very inattentive. When my food arrived, I was excited because this was the first time I had visited this restaurant. Unfortunately, it will be the LAST time. When I bit into my crab tempura, I bit into a hard, piece of plastic. The crab stick was still in its original packaging! When I brought this to the attention of our waitress AND the manager, they both claimed that it was “ONLY the plastic that it came in” and that basically it wasn’t a big deal. The manager even had the audacity to tell me that the size of my order of crab sticks was larger than what the chef was used to. Therefore, it must have confused him. As a result of this confusion, he BATTERED AND FRIED a piece of food that was still in its original packaging. Had we been treated differently by the waitress and manager after explaining the situation to them, I would not be so upset. However, both the quality of the plastic food I was served and the lack of customer service has prompted me to write a review for this sub-par restaurant.

  • Tony Scott

    If you liked Dynasty Buffet on Courthouse Road you will love this place. Same folks that closed down Dynasty Buffet run this place. Haven’t been there yet as my stomach is still a bit upset from Dynasty. Just wanted to warn fellow restaurant patrons.

  • Tim Wilson

    Here is the AWESOME Kumo Sushi & Hibachi in Fredericksburg, VA. My wife
    and I ate there this afternoon having all you can eat Sushi (11 rolls)
    Udon Soup, Hibachi Fried Rice, Seaweed Salad, and Green Tea Ice Cream
    (THE BOMB!!!!) Fantastic 5 star food and restaurant! A MUST go to! All
    of this scrumptious food was only $44 for the two of us. We will be
    heading back soon!!!