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“What If’ a captivating bit of on-screen chemistry

Creating real romantic chemistry on the big screen is one of the biggest challenges in movie-making, often attempted but seldom accomplished.

It’s now where you’d expect to find it, but the little-trumpeted “What If” creates a very sweet and moving connection between its two leads in the oft-told tale of friendship that becomes love.

The chemistry happens because the two leads, Daniel Radcliff (“Harry Potter”) and Zoe Kazan (“Ruby Sparks”), create something on screen that you can’t help but feel.

Their relationship builds slowly after they meet at a party and realize they both like dissing on the rest of the world.

There’s just one problem: Kazan’s Chantry has already got a boyfriend, and wants to keep Radcliff’s Wallace simply as a friend.

One who comes to know her thoughts and emotions like her more successful and ruggedly handsome boyfriend ever will.

Radcliff has the talent to make Wallace both appealing and scared of life; Kazan is captivating, both in what she says and in the way she flashes eyes as big as Texas.


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