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“Begin Again” never gets going the first time

Fans of Keira Knightley and Adam Levine—lead singer for Maroon 5—may well get a kick out of the new film “Begin Again.”

Most other viewers may be wondering why it never really gets going for the first time.

The film’s main thread is simple: a nearly washed up music exec (Mark Ruffalo) has his zest for like kick-started by a singer-songwriter (Knightley) who shares his love of heart-felt music.

In most films, the bond over music would lead to love. But this time out, it’s a love for great music the pair share.

That works for a plot that has the pair make an album together outdoors all over the city of New York.

But the lack of a true love story, and an uneven script that waffles more than it wills its way forward keeps this tale from ever really coming together.

There are some interesting musical numbers, and Knightley holds her own.

But it never quite creates what Ruffalo’s character is looking for in new music: the zing that makes it special.


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