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“Edge of Tomorrow” delivers as battle-action summer film

For the first time this summer, finally an action film really rocks you, from start to finish.

That’s another way of saying that “Edge of Tomorrow,” a humans-vs.-aliens flick, is worth seeing and then some.

With a convincingly physical, kick-butt performance from an unlikely source—Emily Blunt—and a typically good action-film turn by Tom Cruise, this fast-moving story grabs you and never lets go.

The story: Cruise plays an Army major drawn into a united planetary force’s battle against metal-armed alien “Mimics,” who are able to defeat man’s best efforts because they can re-live days and know what their opponent will do at every turn.

In a battle with them, Cruise’s character wounds one of the special aliens and actually absorbs that time-travel ability.

It sets him in a time loop where he meets another one-time human time-traveler, Blunt’s character, who achieved legendary warrior status because she too for a while had that ability to re-live the same day over and over and over.

That becomes the middle segment of the film, the characters played by Blunt and Cruise resetting the day enough times to know how dodge the aliens and eventually, to confront the alien who controls them all.

Blunt becomes the latest female lead to join the pantheon of girl-power, with a ripped body, cool battle moves and a “Don’t mess with me!” attitude that provides an interesting aspect of her good looks.

The film’s cool quotient skyrockets from great battle special effects. Humans in battle harnesses equipped with all sorts of firepower take on the Mimics, which look like big, spinning, metal-armed tumbleweeds that pounce on anything living.

The best news—just when the time-loop aspect of the story starts to get old, the two lead characters break out of it and follow a more linear path to the finish.

The best advice is to not strain your brain over all the time-travel aspect and just enjoy it for what it is, a good, old-fashioned battle movie.

About aliens here to conquer the planet.


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