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Thrifty Thursday: And the stockings were hung…

Use a store-bought stocking to design a template.

We need an additional stocking in our house this year.

Four months ago, we added a new baby to our family–and she needs a stocking to hang on the mantel.

I browsed several stores, but never found one I really wanted–or at least, one I really wanted at a price I wanted to pay.

So I browsed Pinterest, and came across the brilliant idea to make a stocking from a sweater. I was a little hesitant–my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired.

But several bloggers said the project was pretty easy, so I decided to give it a shot.

At the Salvation Army’s thrift store on Lafayette Boulevard, I browsed through sweaters, looking for one that would make a nice stocking.

The hardest part was choosing. I finally decided to go with a gray sweater with ruffles. I wasn’t sure about the color—it didn’t scream “festivities!” But I really liked the ruffles.

I brought the sweater home and turned it inside out. Then, I created a template using a cheap felt stocking and some tissue paper.

I traced the felt stocking onto the tissue paper, cut that out and pinned it to the sweater.

Place the template on the sweater and cut.

I cut the stocking shape out of the sweater, then headed for my seldom-used sewing machine. I can’t sew a straight line, so I wasn’t sure about this part.

And it did take some coaxing (and maybe a few bad words) to get the machine to sew through two layers of sweater. But once the machine decided to cooperate, the sewing was pretty easy.

I finished the stocking by stitching a cream flower and a hook. I made the hook by cutting off the end of the arm, then sewing that inside the stocking. But I think it’s pretty sweet, just like my baby girl.

And I can’t wait until Santa fills it with some tiny baby toys.

And here’s the finished product.