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Thrifty Thursday: Burp Cloths

Walk in my house these days and it’s a given, you’re going to see a burp cloth over just about every chair. When you’ve got a baby who spits up as much as ours does, you need one of these things within reach at all times. When I learned I was having a girl, I wanted some feminine burp cloths. But I didn’t want to shell out money for something that would be covered in spit up most of the time.

So I made them–and spent $2 for a dozen burp cloths. I got two receiving blankets from Rappahannock Goodwill Industries’ thrift store. They happened to be 50% off the day I was there, so I got two for about $2. Then, I cut up an old pair of my pajama pants, and used some fabric scraps I had laying around. I also cut the receiving blankets (I had one that was a hand-me-down, in addition to the two I picked up at Goodwill) into rectangles of 18″x 8″. I sewed the wrong side of the fabric from the scraps and the pj pants to the wrong side of the receiving blanket rectangles. I left about an inch open, so I could turn them inside out. Then, when I turned them inside out (which is really the right way), I sewed over the top of the burp cloths.  And voila! I had stylish burp cloths.

You may be thinking, “That’s a great project, if you sew.” It just so happens that I am a terrible seamstress. When I was a kid, my friends and I would make Barbie clothes. My friends sewed theirs, and handed me Scotch tape and a stapler for my creations–I was that inept at sewing. My mom signed me up for a sewing class and the instructor quickly picked up on my lack of ability and completed the project herself. So, really, if I can do these burp cloths, anyone can. In fact, some of them are a bit misshapen, but Harper doesn’t seem to mind when she’s spewing onto them.

 If you, by chance, can sew in a straight line, these would make awesome baby gifts. They’re something every parent needs plenty of–and it’s awesome to get burp cloths that look a little different from the usual baby prints.

Do you have a thrifty project to share? I’m looking for projects, outfits and decorating ideas using things you found at area thrift stores–those that raise money for nonprofits. I’m especially looking for holiday gift or decorating ideas. Shoot me an email with pictures and details: details–