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Helping the homeless during a hurricane

About 50 of the area’s chronically homeless men and women are weathering the storm at the VFW Post 3103. Monday mornings, Shirley Hardesty and a group of volunteers from the post’s ladies auxiliary serve breakfast for homeless people. This morning, the volunteers couldn’t send them out into the storm, said Paula Bartello.

Bartello and her husband usually serve breakfast at the VFW post on Sunday mornings, with help from their company, CBAI and Associates. This morning, Bartello stopped by with some leftovers and ended up spending the entire day cooking. She made lunch and dinner for the homeless who were riding out the storm at the VFW post.

But the dinner won’t be needed tonight. St. George’s Episcopal Church usually serves dinner for the homeless on Monday nights, and church volunteers have already offered to bring dinner to the VFW post, which will remain open overnight.

So Bartello’s spaghetti and meatballs will spend the night in the fridge and be reheated for lunch tomorrow.

This afternoon, men and women were playing cards, watching weather forecasts and playing video games, said Danny Jones, commander of the VFW Post 3103.

Jones said that while the VFW was eager to serve the community, it was especially appropriate because five of the people coming for shelter today are veterans.

More volunteers from the VFW and staff from Micah Ecumenical Ministries will head to the center to take care of the homeless overnight.