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United Way provides relief for high drug costs

Rappahannock United Way recently received the 2011 Community Partnership Award from FamilyWize, an initiative providing free discount prescription cards.

Forty percent of people in the United States in the last two years have either skipped filling a prescription or reduced dosage because the medicine was too expensive.  To address this, Rappahannock United Way partners with FamilyWize to organize and coordinate community-wide distribution of free prescription drug discount cards.

Total saving between 2005 and 2010 in the Greater Fredericksburg area amounted to $245,676, saving individuals, on average, $20 per prescription and lowering the cost of medicine by 35%.  In 2011 alone, RUW facilitated $34,848 saved—over 14% of the total of the past six years!

“Your role as the coordinating distribution and reporting partner for your coverage area is central to the assistance we have been able to provide together for so many people in your community,” FamilyWize co-chairs shared in a letter to Rappahannock United Way.

Savings in the state of Virginia over the past six years is $18,552,385, with $5,661,975 alone saved in 2011—30.5% of the total.  Nationwide, the savings amount to a staggering $284 million.

In its annual report, FamilyWize states that “no one should have to choose between buying medicine, or food, utilities, rent and other necessities.”  The organization strives to improve access to healthcare and help people get the medicine they need.

Visit Rappahannock United Way’s website to learn more about participating pharmacies, and to print your own prescription discount card that covers all medicine not covered by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or other plans.