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Creating smiles

Smiles With A Heart, a very special day of free dental care for the needy, will be held Friday, April 8.  Smiles With A Heart is now in its sixth year and has donated nearly $250,000 in free dental care in the area. Clinics, community and faith-based groups, and others are encouraged to nominate those needing dental care at no charge. All dental work will be performed at the Fredericksburg Smile Center.

In 2010, Smiles With A Heart helped 173 patients with more than $70,000 in donated dental care. This community outreach is provided thanks to dental practices and other businesses in the area. It is coordinated and held at Fredericksburg Smile Center.

For more information, call the Rappahannock United Way at 540/373-0041.


  • Vanessa

    I am familiar with Smiles With a Heart having worked with them in the past. They are a great resource. So many people do not have access to dental. Medicaid can only help so much.

  • shannon denekas

    April 8th. My 70 year old mother in law, my husband and I waited for 8 hours to be seen. They said stick around till 4pm. It was very cold and rainy. We all needed fillings, maybe one extraction and at 3:15pm they came out and said they weren’t taking anymore people. Why would you pass out 170 tickets and reject anyone after 140. Then they called in people over 140 and said it was for cleaning. I was very disappointed today and needed this so badly. Can you do a rain check give a referal to the Moss’s clinic or something??? Please for me and my husband???