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More Angels Needed

Today, we ran a story about the local Salvation Army’s struggling kettle campaign this year. Some of the money from the agency’s largest fundraiser go toward buying toys for children not chosen from the Angel Tree. And this year, it looks like there will be a lot of those children needing toys. The Angel Tree donations are due Monday, and about 400 angels have not been plucked from area trees.

“This year, our community’s needs are greater than ever,” Captain Jamie Satterlee said.  “We sure hope that within the next couple of days, more people will come forth and be an angel by picking an angel – and bring that child a little hope for the holidays.”

Angel Trees are available at local WalMarts (in Central Park, in Massaponax, on U.S. 17 in Stafford, in Ferry Farm in Stafford and on Garrisonville Road in Stafford) as well as at the Spotsylvania Towne Centre, at BJ’s and at The Salvation Army offices, 2012 Lafayette Blvd. in Fredericksburg.

Gifts are due back by Monday, Dec. 13.  For details, call The Salvation Army at 540/373-3431.


  • mskim

    After doing much reading about the Salvation Army I do not drop my loose change in the red kettle any longer. I give to organizations that help the homeless in various ways and sponsor families for various reasons.

    I was disheartened when I read that the shelters ran by SA charge somewhere between 7 and 20.00 per night for a bed. If a shelter with 150 beds charge $9 per night that is over 40 thousand a month to operate that shelter. Most of the food provided for the shelter is donated by local organizations and citizens.

    Clothing that we donate usually ends up in the Salvation Army stores. I know that they provide other services to the communities and must pay staff but I am wondering how much that we donate are reaching the people that need it.

  • Lisa

    This year our company chose two angels off of The Salvation Army tree and decided to pick two seniors because each year we usually pick organizations with children and wanted to change it up a little this year. I was a little disheartened yesterday when I delivered our packages to The Salvation Army. The lack of appreciation shown was amazing. There was no “thank-you”, no “your generosity is appreciated”, NOTHING! It was more of a “just place your gifts there” and “are they labeled”? While we will continue to support charities, we’ll have to certainly pick another organization to support next year.

  • Wendy

    I too dropped off packages for an Angel at the local Salvation Army store and did not receive a thank you or any other sentiment BUT wait a minute…..are you giving gifts to only receive a pat on the back? That is wrong. I’m giving because I truly wanted to help a child in need. I certainly purchased more than intended and I feel great about it. I didn’t do this for praise or glory. Donations should be donated freely from the heart and not for personal recognition.

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  • Mooseman

    Well said Wendy! I realize they may have missed saying thank you, but maybe they are having a bad day for some reason. Perhaps they realize that their goal may not be met. I know that would bother me. Perhaps you should walk a mile in their shoes. I’m sure the organization is thankful for the support they get. But even if they aren’t, are you doing it to help a child or for them to tell you thanks? It’s great when anyone can help, especially with times being so bad. So thanks to everyone who does whatever they can to help someone out.

  • mskim

    With the temperatures dipping low, please remember as you are cleaning out closets to make room for new items the area homeless individuals may be able to use warm clothing, coats, etc. A new pair of socks will provide much relief to those living on the streets as well.

    More and more, I see people on the streets of Fredericksburg and I try to keep these items handy in case I encounter someone who could use them.


  • mskim

    World Spinner, I googled you and then your statement and got tons of sites where u say the same thing on many topics. Please do not spam this thread.


    There is nothing wrong with charging a nominal fee for staying in a shelter for a couple of reasons. First, people don’t value what they get for free and second, it maintains a sense of dignity and self-worth to contribute to your own upkeep. If you only take, you are a deadbeat loser. And for those looking for smiles and thank you’s – I just don’t know what to say. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • mskim

    Where do u expect that they are supposed to get the money to pay for the lodging. Image that u have no home, no place to shower, brush your hair, brush your teeth. Would u keep your job for long? Would anyone hire you?

    Panhandling is looked down upon and what if u can’t because you have a child or two with you. If you do panhandle, u make a few bucks that day but not enough to pay for the shelter. So in these conditions these days u find a bench or pull up a piece of concrete to sleep on.

    I see your point if they have the means to pay their way and most people would rather do that. But, there are those that may come up short and when they do I would sleep a lot better knowing that they are not going to freeze to death tonight.

    What happens then?

    Hope you enjoy your holidays :)

  • mskim

    BTW, I hope that everyone is sponsoring a child on the tree. No child should go without a few items under the tree on Christmas morning <3

  • Lisa

    Absolutely NOT! We do not support organizations to receive the “pat on the back”. That’s absurd! We do it to help the kids and adults who need the assistance. However, it doesn’t hurt for the organizations who we are assisting to recognize that our employees are giving to their organizations. Especially during a time when financially, there are many, many famillies who are struggling, even if they are employed. Of course it makes you feel good to know you are giving to someone who needs your help but it also makes you feel good to know that it is appreciated. While the employee is not the recipient of the gifts, a simple Thank You still wouldn’t have hurt. We won’t get to see the person who opens these gifts. We know they will be happy, just as we are happy to give it to them. Merry Christmas to all!

  • Ronda

    My kids came to me this year ( ages 7,5,4 ) and asked if they could pick 2 kids from the angel tree. We had such a good time picking gifts for the children. I was soooooooo proud of them. They also want to do this next year as well. We don’t have a lot of money, as I am a single mom myself of 4 kids but they have learned what the Christmas season is all about. I HOPE others will do this as well! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

  • Ronda

    By they way, when I dropped off the gifts last night I got so many “thank you so much” and “this is truly appreciated. You are helping a great cause this year” I went on to explain to the lady that my kids were the ones who wanted to do it and their ages as well. I guess I took the lady by surprise when I told her. She had the biggest smile on her face and said that my kids were the true angels this year.
    I had A WONDERFUL experience by doing this and WILL continue to do this each year that my kids want to!!!