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Photo Project

The GOOD blog has an intriguing photo assignment I wanted to share:


Take a photo of someone helping (another person, an animal, society, the planet).


For this project, we’re working with the the photography website and magazine Lomography. We’re looking for great photos of people making a difference, helping out, being generally good to another person or to the planet.


Please submit your pictures to Lomography’s site. Submissions are valid through July 19. Lomography will pick the 50 best submissions, and then we here at GOOD and the folks at Lomography will be pick the winners. The first place winner will get their photo in the next print issue of GOOD, a free (or gift) subscription to GOOD Magazine, a GOOD T-shirt and one LC-A+ Camera with one pack of  Lomography Color Negative 400 35mm film. The second and third place winners up will get their photo in the next print issue of GOOD, a free (or gift) subscriptions, and one Diana F+ Camera with one pack of Lomography Color Negative 400 120 film each. Two other runners up will receive GOOD T-shirts.