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“A Moment of Grace”

Tonight, I stood on the pile of rubble that used to be Holy Trinity Chapel. The Episcopalian church was known for its colorful murals depicting Jesus’ life. Now, most of those pictures are in rubble piled taller than I am.

While Pete climbed on precarious piles for better vantage points, Moliere and I talked theology. He told me that many people have various reasons for the earthquake. But that he knows that God can make good out of anything.

“God doesn’t see things like I see them,” he told me. “We are living in a moment of grace.”

That is exactly what Haiti feels like. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve–in a good way. And in many ways, you could say Haiti didn’t get what it deserved in a bad way. But amidst the rubble, the mountains of trash and the cities of tents, there is so much grace. In the people. And the way they carry on. Their dignity. And sense of community. Many Haitians have asked me what I think of their country. And they are always surprised when I tell them I love it; it’s beautiful. One told me I must be lying, that I would be unable to see Haiti as beautiful.

But it is stunning. There is something especially beautiful about seeing bright flowers in a land covered with gray dust. Something about seeing women in colorful dresses carrying buckets of bananas on their heads. Or people taking shovels to clear mountains of debris. There is so much sadness here, so much destruction. But there is beauty, perseverance and hope.

Tomorrow, I will get on a plane and leave Haiti. So many people have asked me to return, but I know the chances are slim. But I am grateful for the moments of grace I’ve been able to live this week.

I’m also extremely grateful for all the people we’ve met. And for the mission team members who were gracious enough to open their trip, their hearts and their passion to us. I’m sure having journalists on the trip was the last possible thing they wanted but they really rolled with it and have caught the vision of the story we’re trying to tell.


  • Becky

    I am so glad that you told of the beauty of Haiti – the country and especially the people. Amid all the destruction, when you see the faith and strength of the Haitian people – there is hope!!