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Fostering Creativity

Ever wonder what foster care is like? A new book just released by Voices for America’s Children describes foster care, in the words of Virginia’s foster youth. The collection features original artwork and poetry.

I found the words extremely powerful and moving. For example, a 17-year-old foster youth in Stafford writes:

"The lightening cracks as thunder rolls no matter how I try I cannot fill the holes. The holes you left in my life the day you turned your back on me. How could you not take the time to see. the first time I learned to ride a bike and my first banged up knee.

"My first basketball game you weren’t there to see. Football, baseball, getting my first car. I just wanted to get in and drive so far. So far away from all the pain and heart ache. There are times when forgiveness comes to me easy and times when the anger inside takes over my entire soul. So I vow to myself to be a better man, the power inside I know /I can this I say to a man I never want to be. I will make you proud to have a son like me."


A 16-year-old, also from Stafford, wrote:

They took me away from my home, I’m all alone

Out here on my own,


Feels like a prison because I’m forced to stay grown

My Mom’s dying by the second, "Can’t do anything"


Regretting, crying, tears, because of pain

I gave to a single human being my brother blind and so are we

Can’t see our family fallin apart either they are dying or brances

Breaking and fallen apart disappearing in to the dark.


This the bad parts of my life I didn’t want ya’ll to see

"But hey look at me," I am not as tuff as you think water fallen down my eyes every time I blink.

Cause the memories of my pops, nephew, niece an all the love ones I lost that I never get to see

If you ask me life is easy "I have to disagree"

Captured is barred from my sins freedom is gone and so are my friends

But I keep my head up because I lost so much but I got so much to gain and win

Through the rain and wind, through the pain I’ll strengthen and be humble

Keep a straight attitude no matter how crumble pick up where I fall off

No matter how much I stumble I’m not blaming nobody just want you to feel my struggles

As for my new family I love them, thru thick and thin man I mean it

when I make it we are going to make it best believe it.


Interested in adopting an older child from foster care? Here are some resources:

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  • wolfmanfred

    How are you inspiring creativity? Whats the point of this story? Some kid was snatched from their parents and it seems that someone …professional counselors, virginia dept. of social services workers, voices, etc. is exploiting their emotional turmoil to gain media exposure and cry a river for more funding. Look up my videos on youtube under ‘caringdogbreeder’ for the real scoop on foster care!