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Pimp This Bum

After a story ran this weekend about a homeless man going to bike mechanics school, a reader sent me a link to Pimp This Bum. A father and son run the site, which tells the tale of Tim Edwards, a homeless alcoholic who finds a new life thanks to the site. Kevin and Sean Dolan solicited donations through the site and sent Edwards to rehab.

Apparently, the site has had its share of controversy. In defending the site, Kevin Dolan wrote this: 

We make a million assumptions about them {homeless people} as though they came off an assembly line, but they each have a different story. Some are lazy. Most are alcoholics. A lot of them will die on the streets, but there are those that can be reached and redeemed to be functioning members of society again.

Some of these people are in a pit so deep that even if they want out they simply can’t do it on their own. We have heard many comments over the last few days – the standard criticisms about the homeless. The one that I have said myself: –“McDonalds is hiring, they need to get a job and pull themselves up by the boot straps!” When you have no home, you have no shower. No one will hire someone who cannot maintain a minimal level of hygiene. As Tim said, “how can you pull yourself up by the boot straps if you don’t have any?”

Anyway, the site’s idea is intriguing and pretty close to what Micah leaders had in mind when they started raising money for Nat Baker, the man who is now attending classes at  United Bicycle Institute in Oregon. They hoped that focusing on one single person with a single desire that would lead to success could spur a community to action. 


  • mskim

    Thank you for posting this. Tim was helped by many people and hosts a show monday through friday nights beginning at 9 pm. There have been other men who have been helped. This site inspires me and we need to spread the word so chapters are located in every city.

  • nate

    Thanks for posting this!!

    Nathan Watson