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Natatia Bledsoe is the public information officer for the Fredericksburg Police Department.

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Update: Suspicious Man in Idlewild Located


The man who approached several children and other residents in the Idlewild neighborhood over the past week has been located and identified.  This afternoon, detectives received a citizen’s tip about a man who matched the description provided by the witnesses in the suspicious incidents.  The tip led detectives to a home in Idlewild, where investigators made contact with a 19-year-old man who acknowledged that he was the person who was involved in the reported encounters.

 The 19-year-old man volunteered to accompany the detectives to Police Headquarters, where he is currently being interviewed.  


The Fredericksburg Police Department is seeking information about a suspicious male who has made several attempts in the last week to make contact with children.  On March 15, two pre-teen girls were reportedly followed by a white male while the girls were near the shops in the Idlewild subdivision.  The girls did not report the incident at the time.  On March 20, the same male subject approached one of the girls again as she was walking in the neighborhood.  The suspicious subject was driving a car and pulled up next to the young girl, asking her about the friend she was with on March 15.  After this encounter on March 20, the girl told her mother and the police were notified.

 The suspicious person is described as a white male in his 20’s with blond hair.  One of the witnesses described the man’s hair as curly and medium length.  He is reported to be 5’6” to 5’8” with an average build and he is clean shaven.  He has been seen in a mid-sized vehicle, gray or silver in color, possibly a Nissan or Honda with four doors.     

 The investigation has revealed that at least three other residents of the area have had unusual encounters with the same male subject.

 On March 15, a resident of the neighborhood reported that a white male knocked on his door around 9 p.m. and asked about any children who may be living at the house.  Reportedly the male told a story about looking for some kids who had thrown rocks at him earlier in the day.  While this neighbor did call police after the encounter, the suspicious male had left the area by the time officers arrived and at that time police were not aware of the incident involving the two girls who were followed.

 Investigators also discovered that on March 20, a nanny was approached by a white male around 6 p.m. while she and two children were outside in front of her employer’s home.  The suspicious male asked about the little girls in her charge and again told a story about looking for some children who had thrown rocks at him.

 On March 21, some children standing at a bus stop early in the morning were reportedly approached by a white male in a vehicle.  The suspicious male repeated his story about trying to find some particular kids in the neighborhood.

 Although no crime has been committed, the suspicious activities of this male subject have prompted increased police patrols in the area.  Residents are urged to contact the Fredericksburg Police Department if they see a person matching the description provided or if they have any information about similar encounters with this person. 

 Anyone with information about this case should contact Detective Karen Stubbs at 540-654-5754 or Detective Carlos Reyes at 540-654-5919.