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Natatia Bledsoe is the public information officer for the Fredericksburg Police Department.

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If the local forecaster is correct, then it sounds as if Fredericksburg may finally get a bit of snow over the three-day weekend.  Students in City schools are already scheduled to be home for the Monday holiday, as are many commuters, so a few inches of fluffy white stuff may actually be a nice antidote to the mid-February blahs.   Here’s hoping this projected storm is not an overachiever like the last February blizzard that hit the area in 2010:

Photo credit: Officer Gloria Mejia

 If we do end up with enough precipitation on the ground to adversely impact the road conditions, please give the drivers of the plows and sand/salt trucks enough time and leeway to do their jobs without worrying about running you over as you rush to the grocery store for that last gallon of milk.

Also please remember that ramps, bridges, and overpasses are usually more seriously affected by any falling weather plus freezing conditions, so do use extra caution if you must go out on the roads.   The Police and Fire Departments actually respond to more traffic accidents when we get just a few inches of snow, compared to storms that produce a foot or more, because when the snowfall is relatively minimal drivers tend to underestimate the danger of the road conditions while they overestimate their own abilities to operate a vehicle in such conditions.   When we get completely dumped on with snow, drivers in general just stay home! (where they belong!)

So don’t make me write about you in this blog on Monday!!    

Photo credit: Officer Gloria Mejia