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Natatia Bledsoe is the public information officer for the Fredericksburg Police Department.

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Fire and Rescue busy on the river on Easter Sunday

In conjunction with Stafford County Fire and Rescue, the Fredericksburg Fire Department and the Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad responded to several calls for water rescues from the river on Sunday evening:

6:10 pm, 300-400 block Riverside Dr.  Two victims from a capsized canoe were on a rock in the river, and two victims on Laucks Island needed help getting back to shore.  The victims on Laucks Island self-rescued and the victims in the river were ferried to shore by rescue raft staffed by the Fredericksburg Fire Dept (FFD).

7:15 pm, 300-400 block Riverside Dr.  Three victims from two overturned kayaks and a canoe were found holding on to rocks in the river.  The victims were ferried to the shore by an experienced recreational canoeist who got to them first.

7:42 pm, Falmouth Bridge.  Two victims from an overturned canoe (one of these victims was of the same party from the 7:15 incident, and one was the canoeist who assisted in that rescue; both decided to continue downstream together but only made it as far as the Falmouth Bridge) were spotted in the water by FFD personnel returning from the 7:15 pm incident.  One victim got himself out of the water, and one victim was ferried to shore by rescue raft from FFD.

9:30 pm.  Units responded for a report of an overdue kayaker, a male from Manassas who had assisted in the earlier rescues.  FFD personnel searched the city side of the river, but shortly after 10:00 pm, the subject was located in his vehicle in Stafford County.