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Natatia Bledsoe is the public information officer for the Fredericksburg Police Department.

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Robbers use pepper spray to subdue victim

1700 block Princess Anne St, 4/12 9:30 pm.  A resident reported that he was walking on Princess Anne St when he was approached by two male subjects who asked him for money.  When the victim replied that he didn’t have any cash, one of the suspects sprayed the victim in the face with pepper spray while the second suspect took the wallet from the victim’s back pocket.  When the suspects realized that the wallet was empty of currency, they threw it down on the ground and ran from the scene. 

The suspects were described as black males of unknown age.  One suspect was tall with short hair, and the second suspect was short and was wearing a white T-shirt and light colored shorts.  Based on subsequent interviews with individuals in the area, a tentative identification was made of one of the suspects and the investigation is ongoing. 

The victim was treated at the scene by rescue personnel for his exposure to pepper spray, but he declined transport to the hospital.


  • Rufus`

    These days, it is best not to carry money, credit, or even ID cards when walking anywhere in Fredericksburg.
    I wonder if this robbery took place near one of these problem bars, like Central Station, Mexico Lindo or Ale House. These robbers sound like the type of people who might hang out at
    businesses that attract troublemakers.

  • Mike

    That’s exactly why I only walk alone on Princess Anne Street between the 500 to 1000 blocks. I’m a grown man but I’m not exactly able to defend myself against pepper spray.

  • Try me

    Reason #143 to have a concealed carry permit. It’s better to have an EFFECTIVE means to protect yourself and never need it to need it and not have it.

  • FreeFaller

    @Rufus’ ….maybe you should check out the type of crowd that actually goes to the Ale House before you make a broad assumption off of one incident in a news article. I’m pretty sure the yuppy business folk and Mary Washington students that frequent Capital Ale House aren’t a huge threat to society.