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Natatia Bledsoe is the public information officer for the Fredericksburg Police Department.

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Unruly crowds lead to arrests

Police handled unruly crowds at two locations early on Saturday morning, leading to charges and arrests from both incidents.  It is believed that after the large crowd dispersed from Central Station, a great many of its number then moved to IHOP, where the management decided to close its doors to incoming customers to avoid hosting a repeat of the fights that had broken out as patrons left the nightspot on Caroline Street.   It should be noted that officers and deputies who work off-duty at IHOP do so in uniform, and with the same authority as when they are on duty. Here’s the synopsis:


Central Station, 1917 Princess Anne St, 2/26 1:50 am.  Officers responded to several fights and a large crowd in the parking lot of the business.  Some individuals refused to disperse and continued causing problems even after police arrived on the scene.  India Roseburough, 21, of Stafford was arrested for disorderly conduct; Roseburough was released on her own recognizance after the scene was cleared.  Sheba Barnes, 21, of Stafford was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct; Barnes was incarcerated at the Rappahannock Regional Jail until sober.  Rusty Wilson, 38, of Fredericksburg was also arrested for public intoxication and jailed until sober.


IHOP, 2831 Plank Rd, 2/26 2:15 am.  An officer and a Fredericksburg Sheriff’s deputy working an off-duty security detail at the business were clearing the parking lot of incoming vehicles due to an overly large influx of customers who had just left an event at Central Station.  The driver of a black Charger, when told to exit the parking area, accelerated his vehicle toward the officer and only avoided hitting her by turning at the last moment.  The driver then parked the Charger on the other side of the building and the Sheriff’s deputy approached the car to again advise its occupants to leave.  The deputy put his hand on the door handle and the driver sped away, pulling the deputy and causing him minor injuries before he was able to break free.  The Charger then left the area.  The vehicle’s driver was later identified and warrants were obtained against Dacorey Carter, 22, of Hampton charging him with felony attempted malicious wounding, assault on a law enforcement officer, and reckless driving.  Carter was arrested the next day at a home in Spotsylvania and incarcerated at the Rappahannock Regional Jail under no bond.


  • Gina

    Question? Why doesn’t the Fred PD shut this smut hole down? After seeing an FLS ad promo, I went with a group of friends. It’s a freakin’ open air drug market – inside and outside, you can watch the dealers peddal their “goods”. If this is obvious to me, it should be pretty obvious for the police! What gives????

  • Mike

    I don’t know why they don’t shut the place down, Gina. Maybe because the business owner has a right to stay open? This isn’t Nazi Germany last I checked.

  • Bob Mitchell

    Beats me, Gina. It sounds like a target-rich environment for the police.

  • kathy

    If you shut it down, they’ll just find somewhere else to go.

  • Gina

    Mike, if you were at all educated or at least had some common sense, you would know that operating an unruly establishment is illegal.

    15.2-900 Abatement or removal of nuisances by localities; recovery of costs.

    Google this, even though you probably will not understand the terms!

  • Jessica

    Uhm Ihop hires cops for idiots like this.
    It really needs to stop late nights are ridiculous there.
    SOMEONE WILL get hurt soon if something isnt done.

  • Jeremy R

    Gina 15.2-900 refers to “dangerous or unhealthy substances”.. also states not limited to but I doubt you would beable to extent that to people.

    also if you want to shut down central station because of it, how about IHOP or Denny’s aswell. That seems like a far more dangerous place when they have to resort to hiring police and security and still have fights break out almost every weekend.

  • Actually there

    To say that you have witnessed an open air drug market at parties at Central station is a out an out LIE… this coming from someone who is there… And as far a unruly locations… Liquor induced bar fights are not limited to hip-hop functions in no way shape or form… But the ones that do happen at hip-hop functions seem to always make the paper…. Not condoning fights at any establishment but I wish they were all treated with equal distain.

  • Lizzy

    Gina..obviously if u saw an add on WFLS it wasnt the same type of crowd or party that you are referring to as far as your comment goes. I to have also attended SEVERAL weekend event at Central Station and there has NO CONFLICT what so ever. My friends and I have a GREAT time alsom every weekend there. I have never once smelled seen or witness any dealing or consumption of drugs. I would sat it a great enviornment and we feel safe there. Armed enforcement inside and outside of the building great music and a great place to have a good time. I have also been to IHOP and DENNYS when there has NOT bee a function and the police are still there. I to also wish that all of the establishments were treated fairly when it comes to any type of altercation or incident. I am a firm believer in EQUALITY and i have seen major “incidents/altercation” go on in other establishments in the area and they are still fully functional, up and running. things happen sometimes…..and to end, i also believe that we are all GROWN UPS and should be able to refrain from physicalities to solv a problem and have a good time.

  • Lizzy

    sorry for the typo’s -

  • Leave it be

    First of all if you never been to central station you do not need to open your mouth. Second ummm miss Gina I bet that when you went and if you so called smelled drugs that did not stop you from going in. third Jessica you have no right to say that he is an idiot you do not know him. ACTUALLY THERE and JEREMY y’all are alright with me

  • Barbara Brickhill

    Jeremy R. It is not IHOP or Denny’s that is the problem. We do not serve alcohol and our customers are not going to leave here and go create a problem at another establishment..The problem is all the “clubs” that are WAY over serving their patrons and then turning them loose on the community to continue their belligerent behavior.It is unfair that we have to hire security for our safety just so we can do business-it is not cheap,but we do..You even suggesting that we close down just shows no grasp of the real problem.